Translation – Belgium – Wat zou jij doen?

The second book that I have translated is also a trascendental one. I am moved by books with emotions, books that talk to me and make me think about them after I have finished them. This one is a powerful book – its name: Wat zou jij doen? (roughly translated:”What would you do?”) by Guido van Genechten.

Technical details: 

TitleWat zou jij doen?TitleI co teraz?
AuthorGuido van GenechtenTranslatorRyszard Turczyn
IllustratrorGuido van Genechten
Year of publication2015Year of publication2016
Publishing companyUitgeverij ClavisPublishing companyAdamada
Original languageDutchLanguage of translationPolish
Country of originBelgiumCountry of translationPoland

Review of the book

This book touches deeply inside every one of us because it deals with one of the most complicated aspects of human emotions – self-acceptance.

What if one day you woke up and realized that you have grown horns on your head (wink to Kafka’s Metamorphosis)? That is the situation that encounters our young hero in this beloved book that describes the fear and pressure of fitting in a judgmental society.

The huge format of the book allows for gigantic illustrations that makes the delight of young (and not so young) readers. Its blatant message does not sweeten a reality that each of us face almost on a daily basis.

We have all experienced the insecurities that overcome us when we find in ourselves some trait that we don’t like or we are ashamed of. As the hero of this book shows us, though, we all have something that makes us different and that should not be a reason of embarrassment.

I love the great illustrations made by Guido van Genechten – so simple and yet so effective. It’s also great that the message of this story is not told in a cheesy way but it’s direct and undiluted.

The conclusion is a deep reflection that we all should take into account.

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