Translation – Germany – Dr. Brumm versteht das nicht

Daniel Napp delights us with the funny story of Dr. Brumm, a very friendly bear who struggles with human technology. In Dr. Brumm versteht das nicht our main character tries to figure out why his TV stopped working in the middle of the match, and he won’t stop until he gets a clear answer.

Technical details: 

TitleDr. Brumm versteht das nichtTitlePan Brumm tego nie rozumie
AuthorDaniel NappTranslatorElżbieta Zarych
IllustratrorDaniel Napp
Year of publication2010Year of publication2011
Publishing companyThienemann VerlagPublishing companyWydawnictwo Bona
Original languageGermanLanguage of translationPolish
Country of originGermanyCountry of translationPoland

Review of the book

There is something magical about pencil drawn illustrations that make books look so classic and elegant. I have to admit that I normally choose my children’s books based on the illustrations. It can seem superficial, but let’s be honest here: we are all moved first by appearances. Obviously if the illustrations are great but the story is flat I’m definitely not going to buy the book, yet the images are the first thing that catches my attention so they must be powerful.

Daniel Napp’s series “Dr. Brumm” is very popular in Germany and is now expanding to other countries. Bears are beloved amongst children; let’s not forget about the huge success of the Russian show Masha and the Bear, which is still relevant these days. In the same way as in the Russian series, Dr. Brumm is a wild bear who actually lives more or less like a human (in a house with all the necessary equipment). The main difference in this case is that Dr. Brumm talks with other animals. In this adventure, we find Dr. Brumm very excited about watching a football match in his tv when suddenly the screen goes off and he can’t make it work. He believes the cable has something to do with the incident and decides to follow it all the way up to its source to find out what happened.

A real human problem set in an animal environment. That’s probably the reason why the book is so successful: the two opposite worlds merge and create a funny situation that most children would enjoy to read about. The story is not a very philosophical one but the illustrations are wonderful and the different characters that appear in the book are really cute. I hope the series will get as much success or even more than Masha and the Bear, it certainly deserves a spot in children’s shelves.

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