Help me translate the world

Ok, not literally.

As you all know, I have challenged myself to translate a children’s book from every country in the world. It’s a very ambitious (some people would call it “crazy”) project but I’m very excited about it and it’s working out perfectly… but I need some extra help. Finding a book from different countries is not an easy task.

I decided to start with Europe for practical reasons: proximity and availability. So far I have translated a book from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Belgium. My next books will be from United Kingdom and Slovenia (click on the country name to get spoilers). I have already found them, I’m just waiting to get them, but they will be ready soon.

Therefore, I’m still searching for books for the rest of countries in Europe. Those countries do not have a lot of books translated into Polish, apparently, since it’s so hard for me to find them here in Poland. If you happen to live in a country that has not been listed above and/or know a great children’s picture book from such country, please leave a comment below or contact me to let me know.

Your help will be very much appreciated!

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  1. Silkie says: Reply

    Hi! Congratulations for your blog!
    May I help you in your challenge? If you are considering a german writer, may I recommend you -in case you don’t know his work yet- Philipp Winterberg. My two kids have really enjoyed his wonderful book “Er jeg lille?” (we are Danish). I think it has been translated to some other languages. A beautiful movin story, with delicate and funny drawings.
    More details here:
    Thanks for you attention!

  2. Luisa says: Reply

    Thank you for your recommendation 😉 “Er jeg lille?” (“Bin ich klein” is the original title, roughly translated as “Am I small?”) is a great book indeed. And the most curious thing is that there are bilingual editions of that book in many different languages 😉 I have already translated a book from Germany but I will definitely have this book in mind for other projects so thanks a lot for your contribution 😀

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