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  • Translation – Poland – W pogoni za życiem

    I had been looking for a Polish book for my Project Translating the World for a long, long time. There’s a lot of pressure since it’s the book from the country I live in, and Polish is the language I’m translating for all the time, so I wanted it to be special. But when I found W pogoni za życiem by Przemysław Wechterowicz (and illustration by Emilia Dziubak) I knew I had found the winner.

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  • Translation – Finland – Pieni suuri tarina huomisesta

    Yet another book added to my beautiful collection of books from every country in the world. The translation of this book has proved a challenging one – it’s written entirely in verse! The wonderful Réka Király delights us with this philosophical story that tries to answer one of the hardest questions of all: What does “tomorrow” mean? Pieni suuri tarina huomisesta is a poetical metaphor of time and conciousness.

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  • Translation – Sweden – Kenta och barbisarna

    And so the project begins!

    My first translation for this project is a Swedish book.

    I found it one day when I was checking my local bookstore. I don’t know what caught my attention first, maybe the cover, maybe the title. I opened it and absolutely adored the illustrations and the theme. Then, when I was back at home and had the chance to read it, I was glad that I chose it for I found an awesome book with a beautiful story.