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  • Kenta och barbisarna – The translation of cultural references

    In this post I will comment on the translation of the title of book Kenta och barbisarna by Pija Lindenbaum. If you haven’t read my review of the book you can find it here.

    Notes on the translation:

    This book has not a particular focus on the Swedish culture. It could actually be set in many other different countries as it depicts the normal day of a boy in a kindergarten. There are however a few interesting things that translators love to encounter because it deals with creativity and originality.

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  • Welcome to Translating for Children

    Once upon a time there was a blog created to discuss children’s literature and its translation around the world.

    I am glad to introduce you to a community of book lovers from every corner of the world. Whether you are a reader, writer, illustrator, translator or simply an aficionado, this is the place to talk about everything connected with children’s books.

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