Meet the translator


The translator
Genuine depiction of our main character

Luisa never got her letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but she truly believes that the owl that ought to bring her the letter got lost on its way to her house. The author of this blog is definitely not a muggle, but since she didn’t make it into Hogwarts she decided to study Translation and Interpreting because she realised that reading a text written in a foreign language and deciphering its content was also kind of magical and it made her feel like a detective who unravels the mysteries of a secret story.

Ever since she finished her studies, Luisa has been surrounded by children, for they are the genuine experts in happiness and because – let’s face it – they do know how to have fun. This translator has combined her passion for reading and translating with her love for teaching. She hopes to be one day as good as Matilda’s teacher, Miss Honey.

Luisa has other occupations, namely book hoarder, book sniffer and book worshipper. She also loves to scribble some doodles – especially animals, and one day she hopes to write her own books for children.

This blogger was born in Spain but is currently living and working in Poland. She adores receiving messages with feedback, questions and crazy ideas so don’t feel shy and send her your comments.