• Children's Literature
  • Manolito Gafotas and the importance of illustrations

    Manolito Gafotas is one of those books I remember reading when I was growing up. Created by the Spanish writer Elvira Lindo, Manolito is an iconic character that everybody in Spain knows very well, probably even these days.

    The humorous style in which the books of his series are written and the fact that they depict the daily life of a working class family assured its success. Whether you have read the books (or watched the movies) or not, if you are Spanish I am sure that just by seeing the illustration of Manolito you could immeditaly recognise him.

  • Translation
  • On translation techniques or impossible translations

    One of my favourite things to check on the internet are the so-called “untranslatable words” (or expressions) from different languages, where you can find many different foreign sayings that don’t exist in the rest of the cultures, so they are accompanied by a description of their meaning. It’s nice to see how different countries use words for things that they experience daily that the rest of people do not experience in such a way that you need a word for it. You’re not just learning about languages, you are learning about perspectives too.

  • Project
  • Kenta och barbisarna – The translation of cultural references

    In this post I will comment on the translation of the title of book Kenta och barbisarna by Pija Lindenbaum. If you haven’t read my review of the book you can find it here.

    Notes on the translation:

    This book has not a particular focus on the Swedish culture. It could actually be set in many other different countries as it depicts the normal day of a boy in a kindergarten. There are however a few interesting things that translators love to encounter because it deals with creativity and originality.

  • Project
  • Translation – Sweden – Kenta och barbisarna

    And so the project begins!

    My first translation for this project is a Swedish book.

    I found it one day when I was checking my local bookstore. I don’t know what caught my attention first, maybe the cover, maybe the title. I opened it and absolutely adored the illustrations and the theme. Then, when I was back at home and had the chance to read it, I was glad that I chose it for I found an awesome book with a beautiful story.